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You Are Your Own Medicine | Limited Edition Giclée Print


Limited Edition Giclée Print
Edition of 30

You Are Your Own Medicine is an invitation into true sovereignty. Throughout our lives, we are constantly looking for answers, guidance and direction for how to be healthy, wealthy, happy, conscious and connected with our spirituality. We go to doctors, read horoscopes, study with gurus, explore plant medicines, trust investors, and seek counseling for advice. Reaching out for help from others is an important part of humility and surrender, but when we are truly ready to examine the nature of ourselves, we will find the answers we seek lie within. When we can tune into the vibratory nature of each of our cells, and when we can slow down to get quiet enough, we can start to hear what our being needs and wants. Sometimes we are not ready to hear what our soul has to say, and it can take lifetimes of practice to quiet the egoic interference, but when we can merge with the flow of consciousness within us, when we connect with the universe embodied within our being, we can start to pay attention to our inner compass and follow our true heart to full physical, emotional and spiritual health. We can know, without a doubt, that each of us is a divine miracle of animated cells, perfectly orchestrated to interface with the most beautiful home planet Earth, and that we can transcend the illusion of suffering by being our own medicine.

11 x 14 in

Printed on Crane Museo Max 365 gsm Archival Fine Art Paper 100% Matte Cotton

Printed with Certified K3 Ultrachrome ink

Each print is hand signed and numbered, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.


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