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The Way Within | Limited Edition Giclée Print


Limited Edition Giclée Print
Edition of 30

In our collective culture, we are experiencing an unprecedented degree of distraction, of sensory stimulation. We are the first few generations to have access to all information in the palm of our hand. We are constantly being shown bigger, better, and more beautiful options, and our minds are free to dance from one thing to the next with a simple swipe of a finger. We equate busyness with success, and the external stressors of job performance, cost of living, the achievement of happiness, and the decay of our surrounding environment, are pushing us to new limits that have never before been tested. We have every opportunity to avoid our inner selves, but it is only through cultivating inner stillness that we can find the peace we are constantly seeking elsewhere. The Way Within is a gentle daily call to mindfulness. You don’t need to have a perfect posture, an empty mind, formal training with a guru, or a fancy meditation pillow to begin an inquiry into the nature of yourself. Let the presence of this piece offer you the courage to allow for silence. The restless nature of the mind does not subside easily, and we can be subject to judgement of our meditation practice, questioning if we are doing it right, or allowing the noise of thoughts to discourage us. Just placing this piece in a space where you will see it daily can be a gateway into a deeper understanding of yourself, and a place to begin a journey into a regular meditation practice. It is said that the longest journey we will ever take is the eighteen inches from our head to our heart.

11 x 14 in

Printed on Crane Museo Max 365 gsm Archival Fine Art Paper 100% Matte Cotton

Printed with Certified K3 Ultrachrome ink

Each print is hand signed and numbered, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.


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US $7.00
International $20.00