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The Perfect Illusion | Limited Edition Giclée + Screen Print

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Limited Edition Giclée + Metallic Gold Screen Print
Edition of 30

The Perfect Illusion is a microcosm of the time space continuum. It is a calendar time piece and an oracle board, a mirror of your highest self, and a sort of energetic technology for alignment in the subtle bodies. The 24 point geometry is a powerful prayer mandala that balances, opens and aligns the heart, connecting it to the unified field of all hearts.
12 point geometry works with the energies of the heart chakra, while the doubling of the 24 point geometry is a unified consciousness, the All One Heart.
The vertical axis from new moon to full moon, through the center, is a powerful gateway of creative intention. The entire framework is an energetic container, charging and directing the powers of the symbols within. A beautiful sacred altar piece, The Perfect Illusion is a potent tool of manifestation and an open channel to Source energy.

20 x 20 in

Printed on 270 gram Ultrasmooth Fine Art archival paper with hand deckled edge

Each print is hand signed and numbered, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. All orders also include a free Magic Healing Reiki Stone.

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