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The Fleeting Physical | Limited Edition Giclée Print


Limited Edition Giclée Print
Edition of 30

Our physical body is a perfect system of mechanical brilliance, and it is far too complex to be an accidental collection of parts and pieces. We are a symphony of cells, of atomic substance, constantly dancing through the space within our skin, and a home for our soul while we temporarily incarnate in this precious experience of Earth. When we start to pay attention, we can feel there is more to ourselves than just our flesh and bones. Through the practice of austerities, or sadhana, we can cultivate a deeper understanding and harnessing of the energetic currents animating our being. It is through the mastery of the physical body that we can awaken our potential for transcendence, and simultaneously cultivate a knowing that we are more than just our physical body. We are the universe living in a body; we are the divine’s chance to experience taste, sight, sound, pleasure and pain. The spinning of our DNA is connected to the spiraling of the galaxy, within which we are each but a subatomic particle, awakening to the evolution of our soul. The Fleeting Physical is a meditation on the perfect miracle of your being, and an invitation into deeper self reverence, just as you are.

11 x 14 in

Printed on Crane Museo Max 365 gsm Archival Fine Art Paper 100% Matte Cotton

Printed with Certified K3 Ultrachrome ink

Each print is hand signed and numbered, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.


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Shipped flat + fully insured via USPS
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International $20.00