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The Crowning | Limited Edition Giclée Print

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Limited Edition Giclée Print
Edition of 30

The Crowning is a powerful, multi-dimensional birth portal to assist with manifesting the highest aspirations. It attempts to visualize and channel the pure raw energy of the moment just before birth, as a midwife to the delivery of dream actualization and soul purpose. As a potent tool for achieving deep meditative states, it bestows focus, motivation, empowerment, and effortless trust in the divine timing of the universe. You may use this mandala to amplify the power of your own intention by simply reciting a prayer or a secret wish in front of it. Place it in a sacred space, somewhere you will see it frequently, and let it fill your space with radiant Light.


24 x 24 in

Printed on PremierArt Smooth 270gsm ・ Archival Fine Art 100% cotton rag paper

Printed with Certified K3 Ultrachrome ink

Each print is hand signed and numbered, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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