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Sri Yantra | Limited Second Edition Giclée + 24k Gold Print

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Limited Second Edition Giclée Print
Hand Embellished with 24k Gold Leaf
Edition of 10

The Sri Yantra is revered and worshipped as the complete union, the totality of all existence in visual form. The geometry appears to yogis in their highest state of Samadhi, and represents both the microcosm of the human body and macrocosm of the cosmos. It is a guided meditation for self realization, created with precise and complex mathematics. It is the visual vibratory resonance of the sound OM in cymatics, and is one of the most ancient geometries on Earth. Representing the dissolution of duality, it is both the light and the dark, the masculine and feminine, above and below, and can bring total balance to all aspects of being.

Gold is of the highest order. As the energy of the Sun in physical form, it brings supreme health and spiritual benefits that far surpass any other stone or mineral element. It is the most powerful conductor, and has been revered by every culture throughout history as the ultimate symbol of wealth, health and happiness. It aides in bringing total balance, healing autoimmune disease, soothing inflammation, curing depression, bringing absolute psychic protection, positive emotions and deeper self awareness.


30 x 30 in

Printed on Crane Museo Max 365 gsm Archival Fine Art Paper 100% Cotton Matte Finish
Printed with Certified K3 Ultrachrome ink
Hand embellished with pure 24k gold leaf
Hand deckled edge

Each print is hand signed and numbered
Each print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity


Packing + Shipping

Shipped flat + protected + fully insured via FedEx Ground
Please allow up to 30 days for your order to be delivered, as each print is hand gilded by the artist

US $200
International please inquire